Disability, Independent Living and new technologies.

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ORE 14:00 - 19:00

Indipendent living

For the people with disabilities, as for anyone, Independent Living is a fundamental right and an inalienable self determination of one's existence. Independent Living means to confront and control in the first person, without decisions and choices by others, one's everyday life and future.This appointment has been organized to understand, by way of concrete experiences of people active in the European and Italian movements, the problems associated with independent living. And with this movement, the instruments, the support and solutions that innovative technologies can bring to the people with disabilities. Also, the new possibilities and new perspectives for the full rights for an active, serene and independent life. To live, in any case, with complete independence.


The indipendent living movement

Was founded in the United States in the early 1970s, thanks to the will and commitment of a group of students with disabilities from the University of California, at Berkeley. Since then, with strong determination, the movement has spread to the international level, combating to claim and acquire the inalienable rights for the people with disabilities: the right for personal assistance, appropriate services, technical aids, instruction and information, job and social integration. In brief, the right to life. ENIL is the European network for Independent Living. Founded in Strasbourg in 1989, he has also extended its operations to Italy, where in 1991, the ENIL Italia was formally established.


Workshop program

14:00 - 15:30
First part: Disability and Technology Innovation
- Greetings and Opening Remarks
- An experience of active and indipendent life in spite of quadriplegia, G. Pellis
- An experience of active and independent life from the United States, D.Bolles
- Innovative Aids as Instruments for Independence, A. Chiadò Piat


15:30 - 17:00
Second part: Disability and Independent Living
- The Indipendent Living Movement of people with disabilities and ENIL, "European Network on Independent Living", J. Evans
- ENIL Italia, National referent for ENIL, J. Fischetti
- Considerations on proposed national law for Independent Living, R. Belli


17:30 - 19:00
Third part: Technology and Independent Living
- Technical Aids for the Independent Living and costitutional tutelage, R. Belli
- Operating in Internet: ENIL Italia Web Pages and "The Hand on the Cap", J. Fischetti
- Telecommunication Demonstrations, G. Pellis and R. Belli
- Videoconferences connections


Dr. Belli Raffaello, (Segreteria Operativa ENIL Italia, Firenze)
Miss Dana Bolles (NASA - Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA)
Mr. Evans John (Presidente di ENIL Europa, Petersfield, Inghilterra)
Mr. Fischetti John (Segreteria Operat:iva ENIL Italia, Porcia, Pordenone)
Dr. Pellis Gianni (Segreteria Operativa ENIL Italia, Grugliasco, Torino)
Ing. A. Chiadò Piat (Presidente DATARC, Torino)


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The workshop is proposed by ENIL Italia, non profit association composed mainly by people with disabilities, founded in 1991 and active over all national area also by means of innovative communication systems. ENIL Italia is the italian reference of ENIL Europe, "European Network on Independent Living"



* Organization proposing the meeting : ENIL Italy
Legal seat, via Olevano 105, 10095 Grugliasco
Operative seat, via Giovio 3, 22100 Como
tel. ++39-31-270679 fax ++39-31-266569

* Meeting co-ordinatinator : dr. Gianni Pellis

* Registrations may be also communicated to:
Gianni Pellis --- e-mail: "g.pellis@agora.stm.it" or "gpellis@to.alespazio.it"
Ida Sala --- e-mail: "i.sala@agora.stm.it"

* The registration can be made c/o ENIL Italy Home Page

* Information about Independent Life, about ENIL Italy and its activities at the Web ENIL Italy pages:

* Information about the Congress at the Web pages of:
IAF http://www.iafastro.iplus.fr/congress/con_fra.htm
AIDAA http://www.

* ENIL Italy is present in the exposition area from October 7 to 10, 10 AM 6 PM

* Information about the Exposition can be asked to:
International Congresses Center, tel. ++39-11-4347900 fax ++39-11-4347760

* Information about hotels and transports can be asked to:
Gastaldi Global Travel, tel. ++39-2-66812780 fax ++39-2-66812763

The workshop is proposed by ENIL Italy, a non-profit association consisting mainly of people with disabilities, founded in 1991 and active over all of Italy also by means of innovative communication systems. ENIL Italy is the Italian national organizaton of ENIL Europe, "European Network on Independent Living";


Organizations contributions:

* INADV Agency, Turin;
* AIDAA, Aeronautics and Astronautics Italian Association, Milan;
* Computer Vision Italy;
* Consequor, Agency for Independent Living, Turin;
* Digital Equipment Corporation, Italy;
* ENIL Italy;
* International Training Center of International Labour Organization, Turin;
* National Artistic Printing-house, Turin;
* Silicon Graphics Italy;
* Industry Companies Union of Turin Province.

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